Justinas Pleikys

I think Adventure Flying course is absolutely the best course you can get in hang gliding!

Justinas Pleikys - Lithuania

Dmitrii Kozlov

All grown-ups were once children –
although few of them remember it.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

I took part in the course for beginner XC pilots in 2013. By that time I had kind of an XC experience, but as every beginner I had lots of questions. During the course I could find some essential issues which actually restricted my flying and didn’t allow me to get better.
This course has helped me to go beyond usual boundaries of my flying world step by step. And here’s why. We got interesting tasks which we had never set ourselves. We got some notices how to fly these tasks, and tried to realize them in life. We were discussing particular results during the evening meetings. We got help with our flying gear. Organizers were doing their best to set us on the right path.
I had lots of questions. As a result of the course I got even more but they were of the next level. I think it is the sure sign of a good course, as the best way to learn more is to continue asking right questions. After the course I notice that my flying distances extended, my average XC speeds got higher and now I could afford flying in worse thermalling conditions.
All that sound good but the key to success is the trainer’s ability to teach. In order to do that one should remember how the one was taught, when he was the same beginner pilot. Gerolf is the one who remembers. It is a big luck to have an opportunity to take part in his courses.

Dmitrii Kozlov - Russia

Nils Aage Henden

Gerolf and I go back a while, I believe some 20 years when we met during the anual Trofeo Monte Grappa in Bassano. Back then we were both competition-hungry guys, with a lot to proof and little to lose. Over the years then, we spent some good times during countless Worlds and European events.

A few seasons ago, upon a private flying holiday in Austria we ran into each other again. It was in Greifenburg I recall, and he talked me into joining him to check out his new playground – those remote rock faces back in there, forming the main Alpine Divide.

We had two unreal flights that weekend, which got me absolutely hooked. I am coming back with a group of Norwegians now every year. Adventure Flying allows you to see the Alps from a perspective that competition flying simply can not provide.

Nils Aage Henden - Norway

Seppi Salvenmoser

I would go along with what Nils just said. I have spent half a lifetime with Gerolf touring the comps, starting back then, when we both weren’t even nobodies.

Rarely though, we would ever go fly cross country together. The online contest wasn’t our thing, and free flying I thought, was for guys who just couldn’t cope with the pressure of competition.

Then, like two or three years ago, we went for a kind of photoshoot. Needed some cool pictures for the local newspaper – and mostly for the sake of a good background, we headed out towards Großvenediger and Großglockner.

And that, I believe, was hands down my best flight – ever!!

If you wanna fly places you never flew, not even in FAI Comps, than join Gerolf’s gang. You will always be at the right spot at the right time, with a great tasksetter.

AdventureFlying rules, mate 🙂

Seppi Salvenmoser - Austria

Mikołaj Przeździak

One year after finishing my IPPI 4 course I was intensively looking for a way to further develop my skills. Mentoring by master pilot was best bet. So when I found out about Gerolf Heinrichs AdventureFlying Courses there was nothing more to do but to sign in.

One week long course was my main highlight for the season. I was expecting good flights and much knowledge to absorb. What I did not anticipated was that I will meet great people there. After arriving to Greifenburg and meeting up with the gang the right attitude was set. There was not much more than flying that keep us busy. For the first time in my life I felt focused on hang gliding only. Morning briefings, flying, debriefing and evening lecture with forecast analysis that was our plan of the day. Fantastic flights, heaps of expierence and right mindset, these are my little jewels that made a foundation for next years of my hang gliding. I strongly recommend taking part in these courses for they are the fastest way to progress.

Mikołaj Przeździak - Poland

Scott Dougall

I am an ordinary weekend pilot who dreams more than he flies. During my week with Gerolf all those dreams came true 🙂

Scott Dougall - UK