Seppi Salvenmoser

I would go along with what Nils just said. I have spent half a lifetime with Gerolf touring the comps, starting back then, when we both weren’t even nobodies.

Rarely though, we would ever go fly cross country together. The online contest wasn’t our thing, and free flying I thought, was for guys who just couldn’t cope with the pressure of competition.

Then, like two or three years ago, we went for a kind of photoshoot. Needed some cool pictures for the local newspaper – and mostly for the sake of a good background, we headed out towards Großvenediger and Großglockner.

And that, I believe, was hands down my best flight – ever!!

If you wanna fly places you never flew, not even in FAI Comps, than join Gerolf’s gang. You will always be at the right spot at the right time, with a great tasksetter.

AdventureFlying rules, mate 🙂