Dmitrii Kozlov

All grown-ups were once children –
although few of them remember it.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

I took part in the course for beginner XC pilots in 2013. By that time I had kind of an XC experience, but as every beginner I had lots of questions. During the course I could find some essential issues which actually restricted my flying and didn’t allow me to get better.
This course has helped me to go beyond usual boundaries of my flying world step by step. And here’s why. We got interesting tasks which we had never set ourselves. We got some notices how to fly these tasks, and tried to realize them in life. We were discussing particular results during the evening meetings. We got help with our flying gear. Organizers were doing their best to set us on the right path.
I had lots of questions. As a result of the course I got even more but they were of the next level. I think it is the sure sign of a good course, as the best way to learn more is to continue asking right questions. After the course I notice that my flying distances extended, my average XC speeds got higher and now I could afford flying in worse thermalling conditions.
All that sound good but the key to success is the trainer’s ability to teach. In order to do that one should remember how the one was taught, when he was the same beginner pilot. Gerolf is the one who remembers. It is a big luck to have an opportunity to take part in his courses.