Seminar on Competition & Performance Flying

Laragne-Montéglin – France

20 – 24 August

Course description:

A variety of truncated ridges and isolated mountain massifs surround the broad valley opening of Laragne-Montéglin and make it a near perfect playground for competition hang gliding. A handful of takeoff opportunities in the vicinity of a good hour’s drive allow adjusting for various wind and weather conditions – a guarantee for an entertaining week of comp practice flying in the Haute-Provence.

Our performance flying seminar aims at covering the most relevant elements of XC and competition flying. It has essentially three parts:

a) Preparation and glider tuning


b) Technical and meteorological aspects of climbing and gliding


c) Competition strategy and tactical behavior during task flying

What makes for a good air-start? How to efficiently round head/tail wind turnpoints, and how to best out-smart your gaggle on final?

In case previously attended competition events have not helped you improve your decision making skills much – this Masterclass just might !


Course difficulty rating: 


Number of course participants: 10-15 Pilots (min 7 Pilots)



• 5 days guided flying tour with Gerolf and Sasha
• Waypoint & landing field coordinates of the area are provided for your flight instruments
• Daily weather briefing, flight planning and discussion of the topography of the course line
• 3D-Flight analysis with state of the art flight equipment and PC software
• Daily seminar on a variety of competition relevant topics

Experience and gear required:

• Decent launch and landing technique, regular use of a drogue chute is encouraged
• Solid thermaling skills, and a certain understanding of flying as group
• Several Flights 3-5 hours long and over 50-100 km in the past
• Advanced kingposted or topless gliders, harness with parachute, helmet, flying instruments (vario/altimeter and GPS)
• A mobile phone suitable for European pre-paid Sim-Cards
• A VHF-radio (144-148 or 430-450 MHz) with proper headset would be desirable !


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