Northern Alps – Salzkammergut & Dachstein, Austria

8 – 14 June

Course description:

About 50 kilometers east of Salzburg city lays Austria’s best kept flying secret: the marvelous Salzkammergut. Emerald-colored mountain lakes blend in well with lush green meadows, all embedded in a set of monumental lime stone massifs.

Within a good hour’s drive from our lakeside landing you can reach as many as five entirely different flying venues – all with the potential of a scenic 50-100km XC round trip back into the Altaussee basin.

All takeoff locations sport genuine Austrian alpine restaurants, which make the customary task and weather briefing also an unforgettable culinary experience.

The highlight of the course is certainly the Stoderzinken-task with a +30 km final glide over the glacier covered Dachstein plateau back to central Salzkammergut. If you won’t be psyched up after flying this area for a week, there is very little hope for your hang gliding soul!

This AdventureFlying course is best suited for medium to experienced XC pilots with a passion for inflight pictures.


Course difficulty rating: 


Number of course participants: 6-8 Pilots



• 7 days guided flying tour with Gerolf and Sasha
• Waypoint & landing field coordinates of the area are provided for your flight instruments
• Daily weather briefing, flight planning and discussion of the topography of the course line
• 3D-Flight analysis with state of the art flight equipment and PC software
• Theory and video presentations and discussions of a wide variety of Hang gliding topics
• Assistance with camera equipment and glider mounts
• We also will suggest suitable accommodation for you, if requested.


Experience and gear required:

• Decent launch and landing technique, regular use of a drogue chute is encouraged
• Good thermaling skills, and a certain understanding of flying as group
• Several flights over 2-3 hours long and over 50 km in the past
• Advanced kingposted or topless gliders, harness with parachute, helmet, flying instruments (vario/altimeter and GPS)
• A mobile phone suitable for European pre-paid Sim-Cards
• A VHF-radio (144-148 or 430-450 MHz) with proper headset would be desirable !


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