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24 – 30 July

This AdventureFlying event is a private masterclass booked by a group of Russian pilots around Evgeniya Laritskaya.

The course is specially aimed towards Russian flatland pilots who may have little to no flying experience in alpine terrain.

Base location of the course is Greifenburg, but as the weather permits or even requires you will be introduced to a few more flying sites in closer vicinity.

Starting out with some warm-up flying along the easy Drau valley, stepping up the game with some scenic flights around Weissensee, we will eventually tap into the snow-covered regions of higher Alpine territory. By the end of the week you should have a good idea how to “skywalk” in Alpine terrain.

Alternatively, on a day trip, we will either visit some close-border Italian sites, or pay a short visit to the other side of the Alps - playing it by ear is what our flying trips are really all about.

Be prepared for some truly scenic flying memories -  and don’t forget getting those Gopro cameras ready!


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