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7 – 13 August

The Norwegian Flying Tour is an anual private flying course booked by a group of pilots around competition pilots Nils Aage Henden and Dag Ring.

Unlike our regular AdventureFlying courses where we stay in a certain location and move operations around on a daily basis if the weather requires, the Norwegian course is conducted as a stage flying tour, where - if everythings goes to plan - we fly with the weather from one renown flying site to another.

Once the course dates are set, a common meeting point and possible retrieve options are negotiated - from there on it is all playing by ear.

Such form of AdventureFlying requires more mobility and last minute arrangements on accomodation, but in turn does enhance the experience of a week full of flying adventure.

It's cool, it's intense - it's fun.

If you and some flying friends think this could come close to your idea of a good time, let us hear from you.


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