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16 – 22 July

The Greifenburg Course is our classic Adventure Flying event. This is where it all started, and if you join this course you will quickly understand why.

The upper Drau valley copes more sunny days per season than any other place in the Central Alps. Well shielded-off by the main Alpine Ridge to the north, Greifenburg often provides decent flying when everywhere else they struggle with weather conditions.

Starting out with some warm-up flying along the easy Drau valley, stepping up the game with some scenic flights around Weissensee, we will eventually tap into the snow-covered regions of higher Alpine territory. By the end of the week you should have a good idea how to "skywalk" in Alpine terrain.

The declared highlight of any Alpine AdventureFlying course finally is the crossing of the main Alpine Crest, and heading out from Emberger Alm provides you with the highest chances to succeed at it.

This AdventureFlying course is suitable for all levels of XC pilots, from the less to the well experienced.

Don't forget your Gopro cameras !


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