Day 4. Chasing the Wind – Tolmin, Slovenia

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Tracks of the day

Weather is still recovering and our fourth day was predicted to be rather short with thunderstorms in the end, therefore it wasn't easy to find a right spot which would work for us allowing to fly a XCountry from A to B. After contemplating the weather maps for the whole evening Gerolf thought we have to give it a shot and fly from Vittorio Veneto to Bordano. So we drove to Italy. After taking off from Pizzok mountain in a fresh wind we found ourselves under the cloudbase of 1700 m with strong climbs in the higher level and very tricky ones lower there. The whole group was flying together for the first half of the flight before we split as Dima, Anton, Scott and me needed a low save while Noma and Gerolf could continue staying on the radio.

In a way this low and broken thermal was a highlight of the day as we felt we really need to put our efforts into saving the flight, eventually we were rewarded by making it to cloudbase again:

After that moment we put ourselves on the rails and raced under the clouds straight to the goal. Weather window was about to close with thunderstorm growing behind Gemona, so the ones who were a bit faster landed in Bordano but Dima and me decided to go to Gemona main landing field so not to be caught with the rain. Scott also decided not to take unnecessary risk and landed a bit before the goal.

Afterwards we could see we were basically the only ones who flew a decent task in the whole central Europe on that day. But our hopes are coming true for the nest day, it seems we are going to fly in Tolmin tomorrow, let's see how it works then 🙂


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