Dear friends and fellow pilots !

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Our main tool for i) promoting upcoming course activities, ii) live-updating ongoing courses, as well as iii) documenting former events is our website www.AdventureFlying.at

It is art/work-in-progress, with Sasha regularly updating its look and content (and you are very welcome to give us feedback on it) – but mostly the site is meant to provide you with a reasonably clear idea on what to expect from our proposed courses. 

If you are more of a facebook person, you can also find us under www.facebook.com/AdventureFlying, where we present and advertise our upcoming events.

At mid May, a big percentage of you might likely already be familiar with the 2018 course schedule, but for everyone new to the AdventureFlying project, let me elaborate a bit, on what is on the menu for the season:

Essentially, we’ll conduct another four courses in 2018 – in four different locations. Each of the events is dedicated to a slightly different type of participants, though the overall theme “CLIMBING”  will be the same throughout the season.


The courses (which you find described in more detail on the website) are:
     i) AF course – Salzkammergut,  Altaussee,  8 – 14 Jun 2018
    ii) AF course – Greifenburg,  Greifenburg,  22 – 28 Jul 2018
   iii) AF course – Competition Flying,  Laragne,  20 – 24 Aug 2018
   iv) AF course – Dolomites,  Canazei, 2 – 8 Sep 2018


There is a certain intention from our side to steer participants who are particularly new to AdventureFlying or generally unfamiliar with Alpine flying towards the first two course locations: Salzkammergut and/or Greifenburg.

This has two main reasons: both these flying areas provide plenty and pretty easy landing opportunities, and at the same time still offer unmatched simple access to stunning high alpine flying.

The last two events, in contrast, are for a rather specialized audience: competition-oriented pilots on the one side, and pilots intrigued by rock-formation-proximity flying.

Unfortunately, our steering does not always work that well.  Every season our courses tend to fill up back to front: while the Dolomites seem overly attractive to most of you, we often struggle to fill the first two courses.

This not only makes Sasha’s and my seasonal planning more difficult, at times it also leads to pilots returning home with unfulfilled expectations, feeling they could not learn as much as hoped for.

Here is a possible reason why, and I bring it up so you maybe possible avoid this trap:

It’s probably fair to say that participants do attend our courses for at least one of two reasons: to log in some remarkable flying, and/or to enhance their repertoire of flying skills – after all, we advertize our events exactly like that.

One would then think these intentions go together quite seamlessly, but surprisingly often they clash.

There seems to be the latent notion that a pilot would of course best aquire remarkable insights into mountain flying when performing really remarkable alpine flights.

As compelling as this may sound, there is a fair chance that rather the opposite will be true. Trying and learning new things requires a certain element of relaxedness and playfulness. But performing an intense, even outstanding flight will likely request all of your A-game, leaving in turn very little room for such playfulness.

Consequently, learning through flying on your limit typically results in very limited learning.

This is where our “steering” comes into play. Only if you and us can find the right ratio between venturing and instructing the course can become a success for you.

In this sense, please give us the benefit of the doubt and consider Sasha and my suggestions to you as well-meaning and useful input for your course planning.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in one (or more) of these upcoming courses.



                                                               Gerolf & Sasha from AdventureFlying

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