Day 3 – Norwegian Tour

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Setting off to Italy


Today we are leaving our base in Greifenburg and heading to south. In our region the cloudbase is not going to be high throughout all southern part of Austrian and Italian Alps. However, what is not high enough for a decent flight in Greifenburg can sometimes be more than good in Italy. The next two days promise to be suitable for flying in the areas of Vittorio Venetto, Meduno and Gemona. Most of our pilots have never flown in Meduno, so the plan for us today is to fly locally, to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the ridges and flats in the vicinity of this take off and to get prepared for a bigger task tomorrow. With all this said now we are setting off to Meduno.

Morning briefing
Morning briefing


Sunny at Meduno

Setting up on Meduno takeoff. The conditions look good, first paragliders are launching and we use the waiting time to tune gliders and to prepare our cameras for taking pictures:

Gerolf tuning Tore's glider
Gerolf tuning Tore's glider
Kurt is contemplating the upcoming flight :)
Kurt is contemplating the upcoming flight 🙂





The pilots are launching to fly together with Gerolf towards Aviano ridge and back.

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