Day 1 – Russian Course

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The skies look sunny and clear, the forecast promises quite flyable weather in Greifenburg area. Today we will go up to Emberger alm and have a task around back mountain ridge and the Weisensee lake.

Updraft velocity for day 1
Updraft velocity for day 1




Having a morning briefing at the Emberger launch.

Morning briefing
Morning briefing

By the way, today we will introduce livetracking to our guys, so follow us online!



It turned out to be even better day than we expected! Scenic rides over the rocks and clouds, lots of good footage and happy faces at the landing field. Half of the participants made our 55K warming up task, as one could see at our livetracking page. Now we are having debriefing at Gasthof Post, analyzing the tracklogs and the launch technique of every pilot in slow motion.

Here are a few photos from today:

Course Diary