The AdventureFlying season 2017 is history and it turned out a sure tricky one. With little exception, flying conditions proofed consistently windy, wet and weird throughout all of Central Europe.
It made us realise once again how much our game – flying cross country in high or low terrain at high or slow pace – was predominantly depending on one skill:  CLIMBING WELL !
With hotter and wetter weather likely becoming regular phenomena in our summers, the character of the game is steadily shifting: from picking only worthy XC days towards embracing challenging conditions which then may sort out the eagles from the chicken.
The AdventureFlying courses of 2018 will therefore primarily focus on the very subject of climbing out efficiently in typical weather conditions.
Lectures and discussion:  While it is generally understood that picturing where thermals break off could be crucial, few take it further and ask  why they do so, and how the process might work in detail. Micrometerology and its various aspects on thermal convection will therefore be a key stone of this season’s theory talks.
On the other end of the knowledge spectrum, I will try to make participants realise how a good understanding of the physics of circling in lift can help shape your thermalling technique.
And finally, we will shed some light on the importance of glider tuning and balance, and why top pilots put so much effort into it.
The practical side:  Depending on the weather conditions a typical AdventureFlying task would take 2-4 hours, and follow a pre-described task schedule and courseline. The flights therefore bear a certain similarity to competition tasks.
If you’re still uncertain on how our Masterclasses are typically conducted watch this video shot by Artur Dzamikhov while covering a week of AdventureFlying in 2016.



The overall idea of AdventureFlying has not changed, which is flying together as a group and not against each other. Give it a try, join our AF project! We’re most certain you will not regret it. In this sense, we hope hearing from you soon.
Your AdventureFlying Team


  • The flying stories and beautiful photos from our courses in previous years can be found under Finished Courses.
  • If you are interested in organizing a private-group (you & your flying buddies) course with us, feel free to contact us any time. Such courses can run from 3-7 days, the requirements are the same as for public courses. Private-course arrangements have the advantage that you can suggest location and time schedule, and we will try to adjust to these preferences.
  • When registering on any course, we will assume that you fulfill the legal qualifications to fly hang gliders in Europe. For your own safety, we suggest you have appropriate insurance. We will, however, not check any of your licenses or insurance permits – we take your word for it.

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