Day 1 – Carinthian Course

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  Today we start our Course in Carinthian Alps. Although this part of Austria is planned to be our main location for the next week, the forecast predicts some tricky for this area days. For instance today the wind direction points to south, not an ideal constellation for Greifenburg. South ridges of Northern Italy such as Meduno area are sheltered by the mountains and provide better chance to fly in these conditions, so this is our destination for the moment.

Second bonus flight. 155 km Triangle over Grossvenediger and Grossglockner.

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To catch two birds with one rock, or more appropriately to catch two rocks in one flight, that is to fly over two most spectacular summits of Austrian Alps — Großglockner and Großvenediger isn’t something that you can impress your grandma with on any given day. We had the prediction for the cloudbase to be 4500m in the area of the Main chain, so Gerolf set this audacious and bold call. However while we were brisky approaching the main chain from the side of Lienz … Read More

Days 6 and 7 – Tolmin, Slovenia

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The NE wind in forecast for the 6th day chased us away from Tolmin to Italy again. In area of Aviano the ESE wind was spot on on the take off, so the whole team was inspired to have another interesting task set by Gerolf. Unfortunately an unexpected over-development, which wasn’t on the menu for the day, jinxed our flying plans. Nevertheless it was a good moment for Gerolf and Noma to help some other participants with adjusting their gliders’ settings.Day 7 wasn’t flyable and … Read More

Day 5 – Tolmin, Slovenia

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Good things come to those who can wait. Today we finally have the bright sun and clear sky with high cloud base on the afternoon. The 120 km task we are flying is set with an idea of attending all the ridges in Tolmin area including the scenic rocky divide between Socha and Bohinj lake, Krasj-Polovnik ridge with a glance on Bovec and a final part is an extended racing ride past Stole towards Gemona and back. Quite a saturated … Read More

Day 4. Chasing the Wind – Tolmin, Slovenia

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Weather is still recovering and our fourth day was predicted to be rather short with thunderstorms in the end, therefore it wasn’t easy to find a right spot which would work for us allowing to fly a XCountry from A to B. After contemplating the weather maps for the whole evening Gerolf thought we have to give it a shot and fly from Vittorio Veneto to Bordano. So we drove to Italy. After taking off from Pizzok mountain in a … Read More

First days in Julian Alps – Tolmin, Slovenia

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For the last few weeks Europe has been slowly sinking down under the enormous rainfalls. So we unfortunately can’t say the weather is favoring us with splendid conditions, however our willingness to move around chasing the best we can get out of it rewarded us with a nice 60 km task on the day when nobody would think it could be possible to fly at all. Setting up the gliders was challenged by the cloud sitting exactly at our height and giving us a … Read More

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