AdventureFlying is a hang gliding project, initially started in a form of alpine guided tours for the intermediate and advanced pilots, currently sets its main focus towards scenic & unusual cross-country flights over the Alps. Scenic is for AdventureFlying Photography and unusual is to explore and extend the free flight experience by visiting special places, e.g. high mountain areas, which are rarely flown in the competitions or for the classical OLC contest points.
Currently we do not have a schedule for public courses as the known circumstances make any long-term planning rather unpredictable. Of course you are always welcome to contact us for a private inquiry -
  • The flying stories and beautiful photos from our previous years courses can be found under Finished Courses.
  • If you are interested in organizing a private-group (you & your flying buddies) course with us, feel free to contact us any time. Such courses can run from 3-7 days, the requirements are the same as for public courses. Private-course arrangements have the advantage that you can suggest location and time schedule, and we will try to adjust to these preferences.
  • When registering for any course, we will assume that you fulfill the legal qualifications to fly hang gliders in Europe. For your own safety, we suggest you have an appropriate insurance. We will, however, not check any of your licenses or insurance permits – we take your word for it.
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